In this class, we were asked to mark the positive and negative spaces on each layer and make a prototype of one of the layers using any white sheet. There was a lot of confusion regarding the 250gsm and 300gsm sheets that were to be used for the project so our faculty sorted that out and specified that we had to use the sheet which is not glossy and has at least one matte side.

Ma’am explained the different ways in which we could mark the positive and negative spaces. We were also explained how we would be sticking each layer to the box, by making the margins from the last layer of the box and sticking the sides of the box according to each layer and not making the complete box first and then trying to squeeze in the layer, since that would be impossible to do.This step made me realise that I had done a mistake by not making the objects on each layer-touching the borders. So I rectified and made the aspects and objects touch the border from either of the sides.

Marking the positive and negative spaces

We also discussed what would be the best way to trace the layers on the ivory sheets- place the gateway sheet on the ivory sheet- draw lightly on the side you do not want to be seen- flip the sheet. The only medium we are allowed to use to stick the entire tunnel box together is fevicol.

We were also asked to make a 5″5 inch prototype of the box in order to understand the different ways of making a box; experimenting so that we do not make a mistake in the final box. These are the steps that I took to make my box-

  • On a A3 ivory sheet, I drew a 5’5 inch box, with a 1″1 inch border on each side.
  • I cut out triangles, just touching the 5″5 box through the border, from each corner in order to fold each border neatly.
  • I placed the folded borders, on top or side of the other and stuck them using fevicol, leaving one side open.

Reflection:This class taught me how important it is to pay attention to the minutest of details like measurements, medium of sticking,etc and building prototypes before touching the final work since experimentation is really important to arrive at any needed result/ outcome and this is the time to experiment for all of us.

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