The class started with an elaborate discussion on the historic tools and it’s significance-

-What is a tool?

  • apparatus
  • mechanism
  • weapon
  • equipment, etc

-What is an artefact?
Any historic tool/equipment that is preserved

We discussed how a chalcolithic site was complete destroyed by a family.

-What is a Civilization?

  • a community living together
  • natural resources
  • movement

From the explanation of civilisation, I learnt

  • Distinction between culture and religion: Culture was depicted through seals, clothes, celebration after harvesting .
  • Distinction between government and social structure: language and democracy denote government and hierarchy shows the social structure.
  • All of them combine to form a methodology.
  • Oldest piece of writings were used for the purpose of trade, like a warning.
  • Without language nobody could go to the war.
  • The most active port was Port Bandar.
  • All religious activities are linked to the miracle of birth.
  • The standardisation of weight: in 2018, they changed the unit to Kg
  • Pots were used for several purposes- cooking, storage, etc.
  • Jewellery was Muti-functional: cultural, religious, an occupation, a weapon.

We were mistaken about the fact that all the historic movements/ moments took place at different points for eg, the Indus Valley civilization, Greek civilization, Babylon,etc, but there was a common link between the civilizationsmainly trade, culture, pots, etc. For example, a pot from the Indus Valley civilisation had greek patterns on it.

Reflection: From the discussions and explanations, I understood that occupation was the key aspect in all historic tools and objects. There were limited resources and that is why most of them were used for dual or multiple purposes, for eg: pots and jewellery. One interesting thing that I leant today was that we must use the measurement unit BCE and CE as AD and BC are very christian centric. Overall, it was an informative class and I saw myself engaging and contributing in the class discussion.

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