In our first class, we were taught the meaning and importance of space and materiality, along with the relationship between the two.

We were introduced to all the machines that we will be using to cut different kinds of materials in order to create our desired objects and designs.

We discussed different types of materials like polymers, performative materials, ceramics,natural,etc along with it’s utility, properties and source.

I also learnt from the class discussions that using plastic is not as harmful as recycling it is.

For our assignment, after we discussed certain parameters of analysis like origin, texture,opacity,elasticity,cost, and a several more, we were asked to explore areas around us and collect different types of materials. These are the few materials that I was able to collect- Types of fabric like jute and cotton, Plastic, Wood, Glass, Clay, Rubber, Wire, Battery, etc.

There are so many spaces and materials that exist around us and we also use so many of them in our daily lives but I only gave enough thought to it’s properties and uses after my first class of space and materiality. I realised how important it is to be aware of our physical surroundings. I also learnt how important space and material and the relationship between the two is, in the field of design.

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