Our class for the second week was full of interesting facts and class discussions. There were so many things that we should have learnt as a child itself but sadly we were never told the importance of acquiring knowledge over grades. I am glad that I am finally concentrating on on a type of learning that is practical and will help me in future.

The class commenced with a few basic questions that most of us did not have an answer to because we never gave it enough thought. This is what I gathered after indulging into the discussions:

What is Space?

>It is nothing but reality’s gift to facilitate existence and movement. It could either be positive or negative.

What is a notion?

What is perception?

>What you see is not what is, what was or what will be!

>How you “register” objects.

>Boundaries change with time and perception.

A notion builds into a conviction which then turns into a fact.

Further, we went on to discussions that dug deep into scientific aspects of design.

We discussed elements and components and it’s types:

Elements- composite, materials ; Components- ceramics, polymers,celulose,plastic

I understood that the basic properties of materials or any other objects are:

  • Mechanical
  • Thermal
  • Optical
  • Chemical
  • Radiological
  • Magnetic
  • Electrical

We learnt about the questions we must ask ourselves when we get any material:

  • how heavy is it?
  • how rough is it?
  • how hard is it?
  • how strong is it?
  • what colour is it?
  • does it radiate?
  • does it stick?
  • does it give a shock?
  • is it brittle?
  • what is the texture?

These questions will definitely come to my mind the next time I buy a material. I think this discussion has helped me take one more step forward towards becoming a smarter buyer.

I found myself completely engrossed in the next half of the class because it included facts that left us spellbound. These are some of the facts:

>We learnt about immortal African-American woman whose cancer cells are sourced the HeLa cell line, first and one of the most important cell lines in medical search.

>Dixie cup is a disposable cup made out of paper that prevents the outbreak of bacteria at railway staions

>Ferromagnetism is a mechanism were certain materials like iron form permanent magnets.

>Neptune’s core is made up of diamond.

>Both are palms come from different galaxies. We are all made up of star dust!

>Leather was called hide.

Overall, this class was not only extremely knowledgeable but it was also very interesting and indulging. I have never been interested in science but if these are the topics that we will be touching upon in design school, then I am definitely going to look forward to space and materiality classes.

As our assignment, we had to manipulate a hand-held object, I tried manipulating an umbrella-


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