In this class we first presented our mock models and explained why and how we chose that grip, material and wearable. Our faculty felt like our concept did do justice to the idea of our wearable as a glove but there was still a lot of finishing and polishing that needed to be done. We were given the reference of the HIGH LINE at Manhattan to make us understand that just like how the high line was built, very naturally, yet polished, our wearable needs to be designed with the same focus and technique.

We created both the gloves using a technique called macrame, because the patterns create locks that seal the promises.Both gloves have a handcuff loop around the pinky fingers to lay emphasis on the chosen grip. The reason why we chose jute and cotton cords as our material was because jute is bulky and strong while cotton is one of the most natural fibres.The form and functionality of he wearable is of a handmade interwoven glove, using minimal resources.Cotton glove is refined and intact from all corners to depict the presence of interwoven defined promises which is slowly merging into the jute glove at the pinky fingers and the jute glove is accepting and has strings dispersed in all directions to show the free flow of solid, well-defined promises into another body.

We still needed to figure out a way to make the pinky finger grip and the glove overall look polished because there were loose strings hanging out of the gloves which made it look messy and incomplete.

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