The class started with the discussion about the metaphors used in our book, metamorphosis-

  • isolation: locked doors
  • imprisonment
  • alienation:couch
  • shifting of furniture:shift of feelings of family members
  • footsteps: hope to hopelessness
  • trauma

Further, we discussed the themes-

  • crisis of identity
  • class distinction

We also learnt by the end of the discussion, that Kafka did not get lost while expressing his thoughts.

We had to write an essay on ourselves for our “who am I project-



  I have grown up around people who slept each night with a dream and woke up every morning with the right spirit to fulfil the same dream. Studying in an all girls’ boarding school, with tremendous amounts of competition and talent did stress me out but it has definitely moulded me into the person that I am today. I am not one of the best people to put my skill and achievements into words because my silence screams humility, but my belief in work instead of words, in knowledge and experience instead of instant result, in quality instead of quantity is what makes me stand out. I am ambitious and I am always striving towards success but I can never lose my positivity and self control in this process of achieving my goal because I feel that our personality is what defines us and the achievements just compliment it. I am the shooting star, in a sky full of a million stars, spreading and looking for positivity. 

        Ever since childhood, I have been a people’s person, slightly blunt but very diplomatic. Whether they are my friends or family, I like to maintain good relations with everybody around me. My over friendly behaviour as a child did scare my mother once because when I was four I ended up becoming friends with a beggar who was sitting outside my house and I dragged him in, to help me build my barbie’s house but I also grew up to be a great listener. I am the comforting warm winter sun because I always try to find solutions to their problems and my words strike them like lightening. There is a sense of satisfaction that I feel when I listen to so many different people rant about different things and am able to comfort them. My father is a great thinker, my mother is a keen observer and I am happy that I picked up these qualities from them. 

       One of the main aspects of my life is Hope. I have the willpower of an Indian goddess and I am not somebody who gives up on something or somebody too easily. Being a sportsperson all my life, has taught me how to embrace my mistakes and failures and learn from them. My basketball coach always told me that winning does not make somebody a good player, going there and playing with the right attitude makes them a winner. Hope helps me get through the dangling bridges of my life, it reminds me that in the end sorrow and happiness is temporary while the memories last forever.

My best friends have taught me how to believe in the little things in life. Today, I am somebody who observes the small building blocks that lie behind the creation of a big picture, the soothing yellow in sky full of other vibrant colours and the glistening river that flows through the mountains.I am never going to value the happiness of getting good grades more than the happiness of spending late nights with my friends, completing the assignments together that got me those grades.In the last stages of my life, I am not going to count the number of notes in my bank account, instead I will just count on the people who kept up to their promise of always being there for me.So, this is who I am,somebody who strives to to see the horizon, where the earth and the sky meets, indeed a never ending journey of my soul.

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