In this class, we had to present our objects and mind maps that we had chosen from each discipline.

I first discussed with Ma’am about the object, I had chosen-

Brief research on Khadi
Mind map draft

Ma’am really liked my choice of object and told me I was taking it in the right direction.

From our group, I shared my fashion design mind map and object-

Charkha or the Khadi spinning wheel
Mind map

Feedback– For my aspect, my faculty told me to subtract the post 18th century bit and take trade routes of Khadi as my aspect for the write up. She also suggested that our group could use the charkha and Khadi for two different disciplines.

We were also asked to use a picture of the object in our mind maps for clarification so I made sure I included it in my FCS mind map.

Reflection: I was going to use the contributions of Gandhi ji in the regeneration of Khadi in India but after having a discussion with my faculty I realised that, it is the most common thing that everyone picks up when they talk about Khadi and researching about the trade routes would be something different to talk about. I understood that it is better to touch upon the topics that are not spoken about much rather than talking about the most common aspects just in different words.

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