In our first class, we learnt the power of abstract art. We were asked to make 30 compositions of 4″x4″ using dots and lines only.

We had to depict five topics: Your happy place, Thoughts when you look outside the window, Describe your best friend, Highlights of journey from home to college and State of mind in the morning.

Initially, I was using shapes to do so because I was finding it a little difficult to express using only dots and lines but as I kept trying, I realised how interesting and engaging it was.

We also watched a Ted talk called “You are fluent in this language (and you don’t even know)” by Cristoph Niemann. He talks about how real art does not lie in the image but in the eyes of the viewer. He chose to use abstract art to express his ideas because he felt that art is more about observing objects and the meaning behind it. I understood that art is created when an artist’s knowledge and creativity clashes with his artistic intentions.

These are a few compositions that I made on the given topics-

I have always liked abstract art. Thus, it was very interesting for me to work on these compositions. I did find it time taking and a job of patience but I was completely engrossed into it by the end of the class.

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