In this class, we presented our mind maps to our faculty. Ma’am reviewed our primary discipline mind maps-

Mind map A

My faculty told me that I had not made correctly since I had to mention the categories that will be taught under fashion design to me in college and categories that I mentioned, like income and inspiration did not have to be included.

After looking at this my faculty made me understand how I needed to identify my categories further for the next mind map.

In the second half of the class, we were brief about identifying the ‘identifier’ that makes our discipline different from the rest.

We were explained how we can only apply design thinking after understanding the core, the reasoning behind it being designed in that manner.

Our next step was to choose our category and make a mind map on that using the rule of elimination. We were also explained what elements of an object are by taking the example of a table, how the materials may be similar but not the same.

Reflection: The mind maps that I was making did not include research from the design aspect. I did not clearly understand my categories. So I researched further to know what category I will be choosing next. From this class, I understood that in any object, whether tangible or intangible, the parts may seems similar but they are never the same as they solve different purposes.

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