This was the review day where we were supposed to submit the final essay

During the class, we were asked to fill in a form that was based on our research work and that was the last task for this semester for seminar. The form was basically created to know how intense and element specific was the research.

We were also asked for a honest feedback about the challenges we faced while writing the essay. I discussed that it was a challenge for me to find the balance between the research of each topic to support my main enquiry question and my faculty further addressed that in front of the entire class too.

Reflection: Seven weeks back when we made our first mind map, we started researching in order to know the possibilities of our category and discipline at large in a better manner. In today’s class, in one of the questions we had to alternate the element with another one and understand how that would affect the whole design, so we were still looking at the further possibilities. I realised that it is a cycle, when one is researching in the designer’s perspective, they have to look at the different possibilities that existed in certain way in the past, exist in a certain way in the present and what it holds for the future.

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