In this class, we had to find a city that is tackling Tb in an efficient manner. When we researched we learnt that Canada is one of the very few places that is taking steps towards a TB free environment-

Discussing Canada’s take on Tb with our faculty, we realised that our presentation included the TB rate in Canada but it not mention HOW Canada is dealing with TB and that was our main area of concern. Therefore, we researched on the preventive and monitory methods towards TB in Canada and added it to the presentation-

Reflection– We spent a lot of time figuring out a city that deals with TB efficiently but there was no city that does not face a problem of air borne diseases. We did a whole research on measures being taken by Canada and observed that in most places, the reports show declining rates of TB but other reports show unreported and unacknowledged cases of TB all across the world.

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