In this class we were asked to describe the aspect that we had chosen for the questionnaire and the reason behind it. This is what why we chose profession as an aspect-

Hornimon circle encircles a community garden that includes swings for the children as well as huts to have conversations over tea. It is a great recreational area and is also considered a tourist spot but still has very few local vendors.We as a group, wish to throw some light on the lifestyle of the street vendors of hornimon circle and express the need for more as street food is one of the main aspects that attracts crowd.

Our faculty asked us to keep certain points in mind while taking the interview-

  • Target audience (identify)
  • Be polite and do not force
  • Capture pictures and videos only with consensus
  • Prefer writing instead of recording

This was the first time I had interviewed local vendors and it was a great experience. The chana wala spoke about witnessing the 26/11 blast. I was amused to hear stories that I had only seen in movies.It made me realise that the streets have numerous untold stories and exploring different sites can be a great source of learning and experience.

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