In this class, we learnt how to use the gradient tool first and then the blend tool. It was the most interesting class so far because I understood how to use both the tools quickly and then I found it very engaging.

To use the gradient tool, we first need to select the gradient tool from the windows option or the tool box, draw a shape and then change the colours as required. Here, points and lines can be used to give different colours in different areas. There are three main types of gradients: freeform, radial and linear.

To use the blend tool, we first need to draw two same shapes adjacent to each other, select them, choose blend tool from the object option and then click on make in the blend option. This tool gives a smooth blending texture to any kind of line.

To drop a shadow to an image, go to appearance in the window option, click on fx (effects)-stylize- drop a shadow.

We were asked to write our names using the blend tool. It is extremely time taking because I had to create 6 different blend lines for each alphabet, carve out each alphabet using the pen tool and then blend each one of them one by one. It did test my patience but once I got a hang of it, it became quite interesting for me.

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