For this class, we were expected to prepare a flow chart and present it in front of the class for discussion and feedback.


Our faculty said that we had made a good effort but we were given a lot of suggestions by ma’am and the class in order to rethink and improve our presentation and research. I realised that as a group we had to understand health and well being separately since they are different; get more data; understand why UN chose this to be one of the goals; comparative study between families and friends on related parameters like food and exercise.

REFLECTION: Not only did I learn from my own presentation but also by observing other presentations. The waste management presentation made me think if vermi- compost pits are really considered as a major source of decomposition; The responsible consumption and production presentation made me understand that the reason why it is responsible computation and production and not vice-versa is because if we don’t consume incorrectly, there won’t be any unnecessary production. The affordable and clean energy presentation taught me that using LED lights over CFL actually makes a big difference and if we can switch then why neglect and ignore?

As our assignment we had to prepare a questionnaire related to our topic of 10 questions and conducting a survey in our locality, covering the three zones- commercial, residential and mixed. The aim of this exercise is to understand how our locality contributes, addresses, tackles and ignores good health and well being.

We prepared a list of 12 questions and presented in front of our faculty. We were asked to change a few questions and pay attention to the kind of answers we are looking for and putting them as the MCQ options-

  1. What activities do you perform in your daily life that helps you maintain your health?
  2. What activities help you deal with problems and emotions in an effective way?
  3. How does your diet affect your health?
  4. Do you volunteer in any community services or open mics?
  5. Would you consider going for therapy if you experience any symptoms of a mental illness or physical disorder?
  6. Do you keep up with your regular physical and mental check ups?
  7. How do you prefer communicating or socialising with your peers or close ones?
  8. How often do you talk about your feelings and insecurities to you close ones?
  9. How do you promote a healthy lifestyle in you locality?
  10. How would you rate your well being and heath on a scale of 1-10?

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