IMAGING 1/ 17.01.2020/ WEEK 2

I missed this class due to a state competition but I made sure to find out what was done in class and try to do it myself. We had started with InDesign ( a publishing software & a paragraph composer) this class and the basics are very important to understand in order to learn any software so I took help from a friend and learnt what was taught in this class.

  • The different process colours are print colours (RGB/CMYK). 
  • In Illustrator we call it Artboards; In Photoshop we call it Canvas; In InDesign we call it Document.
  • The unit in InDesign- Pica
  • This software is used to design complex layouts like newspaper.

There are 3 kinds of frames in InDesign. These are-

  • Text frame
  • Graphic frame
  • Unassigned frame

Our faculty also discussed the flow of text and the different kinds of flow of text which are-

  • Manual flow
  • Semi Auto flow
  • Auto flow
  • Fixed flow

Honestly, I found InDesign much more simpler and interesting. It is something that anybody can use to enhance a document.

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