IMAGING 1/ 10.01.2020/ WEEK 1

We revised what all we did last semester in class imaging.

  • Illustrator- vector graphics
  • Photoshop- raster 
  • RGB- additive colour
  • CMYK- subtractive colour
  • Shades- mixture of black and original colour
  • Tint- mixture of white and original colour
  • Tone- mixture of grey and original colour
  • Types of blends
    1. Colour
    2. Gradient
    3. Shape 
    4. Node
    5. Text
    6. Line
    7. Blend on custom path
    8. Opacity
  • Hold shift key for proportions
  • Brushes 
    1. Calligraphy 
    2. Scatter
    3. Art
    4. Pattern

CLASS ASSIGNMENT- redesign a movie poster using photoshop/ illustrator.

REFLECTION:This class helped me revise the softwares and test my ability to replicate the exact poster.I also learnt some new techniques in this process.It was an overview of the last semester.

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