IMAGING 1 / 31.01.20/ WEEK 4

In this class, I learnt-

  • Types of bullet and the nested bullet being used for sub-categories.
  • To change the -bullet- Options -Add (to change it) select the text and add
  • Glyps– hanging indent

We had a discussion on where should we put the copyright symbol. most of us said centre of the page but that is where the role of the master page kicks in. It used to have common content in all.

I found it a little tricky to understand the usage of tabs but I eventually learnt

We then learned how to make Tables

Header rows– if tabular data flows on the 2nd page the heading will also go to the next page 

Footer row– you cannot to anything to it

Table- Table Options- Table setup-Fills to add colour.

I also learnt how to add colours except the ones that are already present using our faculty’s help. I like to learn the possibilities of features present on the software and I am able to surf and experiment because our faculty encourages and helps us to learn them.

Class assignment- re-making a table


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