After getting our questionnaire reviewed by our faculty we realised that there were a lot of inappropriate questions. Along with our faculty’s help we rectified the questionnaire for the interview and proceeded for interviewing the vendors after that.


  1. Who are your daily customers?
  2. How did you determined your selling price?
  3. Does the garden facilitate your sales?
  4. Are you a registered vendor?
  5. Since when are you doing this business?
  6. What are the problems that you face?
  7. Where do you purchase your raw materials?
  8. In your opinion, what is more important- quality or value of money?


The group was supposed to make a booklet combined of all the team member’s creative responses and the questionnaire along with the interviewed responses.

We chose to interview the street vendors because we all noticed that there were very less vendors around. Was it because the area was a commercial area? We were curious to know about the street culture and the reason behind such a less count of vendors.


  • Kashinath Panwala (Panwala)
    He Has been working for 45 years.
    Is a registered vendor.
    Rates are fixed.
    Garden does not give profit.
    Customers segment varies.
    Isn’t aware of when street food became a popular culture.
    Has no problems with the stall and location.
  • SK Jaiswal (Socks and Belt)
    Has been working for 14 to 15 years.
    Has constant profits at the location.
    Customers varies.
    Isn’t a registered vendor.
    Garden does not facilitate sales.
    Rates aren’t fixed and also people bargain.
    Market competition is low.
    Has guaranteed quality of goods.
    Mustafa and Crawford market is the source of his goods.
  • Mohammad Imtiaz (Nimbu Paani Wala)
    Shops are mostly closed on Tuesdays ( usually sits at the designated spot).
    The garden does not boost or facilitate his sales.
    Has been working for over 10 years there.
    He is a registered vendor.
    Gains more profit during summer season.
    He prefers quality over money “If quality is good, customers will automatically increase.”
    Less vendors are in the area due to market competition, due to BMC and police.
    Street food always been a prominent culture.

It was a great experience interviewing the vendors and unfolding the hidden stories and knowing about their lifestyle at hornimon circle.

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