We started the class by discussing the presentation we had made on the secondary research-

After looking at are the presentation, our faculty asked us to dig deeper into the research and read more case studies to have a closer understanding towards our topic.

The next step was to prepare a questionnaire and collect primary data based on our topic. We were also told that our final project was to create a module/session to spread awareness about water conservation amongst children. Therefore, in order to do so we had to first

  • Talk and analyse what their current level of understanding is towards the topic
  • Create a strategy to collect primary data
  • Identify the gaps


  1. Approximately how much water do you consume individually throughout the day?
  2. In which activity do you consume the most amount of water?
  3. Do you know where the water comes from, at home (source)?
  4. Do you learn about water consumption and conservation in school?
  5. Do you turn off the tap while brushing?
  6. Do you inform someone when you see a leaking tap?
  7. Do you notice a leaking tap being repaired instantly?
  8. Do you only pour the amount of water required in the glass and finish it completely?
  9. Do you feel that the need for conservation of water is a serious and needs to be addressed?
  10. Would you participate or volunteer to take measures towards conserving water from your end?

Our faculty approved our questionnaire and asked us to further know our objective and then focus on the questions that will help us reach our objective. We were aiming at understanding whether they have any knowledge about water conservation and if they are conscious about the amount of water they are consuming on a daily basis.

Reflection– This class made me realise that unless we do not personally comprehend the target audience and their level of understanding, we will not be able to develop and introduce any awareness module because it is necessary to identify the gaps and people to strategise and conduct a module with them.

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