Keeping in mind the feedback from the last class, I made the changes-


  • The visual map looked good to my faculty
  • I was still expected to do more research on why I had chosen to iterate a secondary garment, an accessory as a primary garment. What makes people purchase a scarf and would people wear it as a primary garment.
  • Iterations: Will people wear a scarf as a mask even after the pandemic gets over? Show references of people already wearing a scarf as a primary garment.

Final 5 iterations-

Iteration 2: Scarf as a wrap around sweater
Iteration: Scarf as a medical mask

I included all the final corrections and compiled the presentation that included all the secondary research, references and iterations along with reasoning to back them up.

Main presentation-


After looking at the secondary research and reasoning making it the most justified iteration, I chose Iteration 1 ( scarf wrapped around in a hijab style) , as my final iteration.

Final iteration

Process work-

I attached clip buttons to the scarf first
Then I stitched another button on the side

Reflection: I understood the importance of research and reasoning through this project. It was time-consuming yet engrossing. Not only did I re-create the design of a scarf but also learnt the process work, research and experimentation it requires.

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