TIME/ 21.04.2020/ WEEK 14

This was the review day where we had to present our final iterations

We explained, that we had made a radio show that talks about a list of important events from our time period,1981-1995. In 1976, a couple of years before our time period, radio and tv were combined. Also, It had been sometime since Tv was introduced but people still preferred listening to the radio. This is why we decided to choose a radio show to present our events that comprises conversation as well as facts.

Link to the presentation

Final iteration: Link to the radio show


Our external faculty really liked our idea because he felt that the iteration actually showed time and it was a very different approach compared to the rest.

Reflection: Compared to all other projects, I found this to be the most interesting one because it was fun working with the group on it. We were worried if it would work or not but we gave it our best shot. I actually happened to listen to the radio after a long time because of this project. It was also an informative project because I got to know about several important events that took place during that time period.

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