This was the review day. We were made to sit in a semicircle and each one of us had to display all the work we had done until this week. Sir did this peer review so that we know where we stand and it gives us motivation to work, looking at other sketches.

It was a positive exercise because people acted like good critiques, appreciated and told us our drawbacks at the same time. Few of our sketchbooks were also selected after this exercise for the studio day.

We were also introduced to our second project. We are going be making a zine, which is something like a magazine but it is more of self published booklet of texts and illustrations. Magazines are complied by a group of people while a zine is an effort of a single individual. It could be representing any topic, the main idea is for the individual to convey his ideas using any form of genre. We saw a few zines for reference, some were like comics wile the others were theme based.

It is something that I have never done before but it looked very creative and interesting so I am looking forward to making one too now.

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