IMAGING 1/ 24.01.2020/ WEEK 3

We revised what was done in the previous lecture since quite a few people had missed the class.

I learnt-

  • The format of InDesign is usually text heavy and used for designing books or newspapers, books, magazines,etc.
  • Types of composers– one line and paragraph
  • How to use hyphenation
  • Define an area to add text
  • Spread-facing pages
  • Inside and outside margin
  • Small square box on the margin-import and export
  • Types of frames– text, unassigned, graphic
  • Flowing texts– manual, semi-auto, auto and fixed
  • Kerning-space between pairs of characters
  • Tracking– space between set of characters
  • Superscript-baseline- subscript
  • Index– is always at the end of of a book and when a word is repeated multiple times it is listed there.
  • The table of content is in the beginning which has the chapters and the page numbers written. Foot notes are put after every page and an End note is at the end of a chapter.

We learnt about character formatting-

  • shift+enter- line break (hard break)
  • enter- para break (soft break)

-Resize an image by right click-> fit content to frame 

-We learnt how to use text wrap — Object- clipping path- detect edge

REFLECTION:The good thing about this class was that we learnt everything in depth. Right from the features to functions to specifying the quantity of image (75-100 for digital and 300 for printing). I feel that it is important to have good knowledge about what we our working with instead of just skimming through the given features.

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