TIME/25.02.2020/ WEEK 8

This was our review day where we were all supposed to present our videos in front of the entire class, which was followed by a quick feedback and Q&A round by the faculty and students.

I took inspiration from the courageous journey of soldiers at war. The reason why the name of the video is fleeting steps is because I have tried to depict the fleeting life of a soldier through the flow of waves that carry the sand with embedded footsteps with itself and bring it back to the shore once again, just for the wave to carry another footprint that has been retraced on the sand. Here, the footprints are of a soldier.

I believe that a soldier loses the fear of death completely the day he comes back after his first war. Whether he loses or wins, he learns to hold on till the end, he learns to believe in that weak, thin string of hope called life. He holds on till he leaves a mark, to be washed away by the waves that have carried several other footprints like these.

Here are few pictures of the clips from the video that depict the story mentioned above-

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