In this week, we learnt about the GESTALT principles, it’s aspects and effects. We were introduced to the 6 main principles, namely:

PROXIMITY: this law states that objects that are near or proximate to each other tend to be grouped together, that makes it look like it is forming another shape/form. Eg: Girl Scouts logo.

CLOSURE: this law states that our human brain perceives forms and figures in their complete appearance despite the absence of one or more parts. Eg: WWF logo.

SIMILARITY: objects having the same characteristics or forms appearing to be related or belonging to a similar group. Eg: panda logo.

CONTINUITY: objects placed in a line or a curve giving a sense of continuity, when one eye follows a line or a curve until another object comes in the vision. Eg: Coca Cola logo.

MULTI-STABILITY: when our eyes are able to see two different things in one single image.Eg: spartan logo.

FIGURE-GROUND RELATIONSHIP: it is a type of a perceptual grouping, necessary for recognising objects through vision. It is stable, reversible and ambiguous. This principle is present in every image. Eg: NBC logo.

For our assignment, we were asked to make 5 different posters including one principle in each poster. These are the posters that I tried making:

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