We were introduced to a term called Upcycling in this class, as our next project was going to be based on it. I understood that upcycling and recycling are two different processes-

Upcycling refers to the reuse of a discarded object by modifying it in a way that it creates an object of a higher quality while recycling refers to converting waste, by taking it back to production and then creating a completely new item. For example, turning a step ladder into shelves would be upcycling while melting down old glass to create new glass objects would be recycling.

We were also briefed on our next assignment. We were expected to create an upcycled object of not more than 1″1″1 feet. We had to first create a utility based prototype, without including any 3rd material or joinery. We must explain- Why that product, what joinery and how it will be used?

We presented our infographics, the final slide of our presentation to our faculty-



We realised that we needed a USP to attract all segments of the society. There is already a free treatment policy for TB in public hospitals but we realised that there is no such thing in the private hospitals. Therefore, we came up with a discount policy of 20% for the lower economical sections, 15% for the middle sections and 10% for the upper sections.

This is the link to our final presentation

Reflection– Overall, it was an extremely productive and informative project. We did face few challenges in finding the relevant sites to refer to the statistics attached to the rates of TB since there were barely any updated pie-charts or graphs. This project helped us to get out of our comfort zone, step outside the house and talk to people. Therefore, we connected with people of all segments of the society. It is surprising how one can learn so much and gain experience just by having a conversation with the local people. In some ways, I personally felt I connected to the environment better by researching on the biggest heath issue being faced by all of us. I also learnt how important it is to be aware and cautious about taking steps towards good health. We are expected to be the responsible citizens and we are the people who can actually reach out to all sections of the society and educate them so it was great making an effort to do so.

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