SUSTAINABLE SYSTEMS/16.01.2020- 23.01.20/ WEEK 2&3

In this class, we discussed the chart that we had made to discover the new things that we do in our daily lives which are sustainable and non-sustainable and also the one thing that we could change.

We began with a new topic which was- ECOSYSTEM.

An ecosystem is a community of living organisms in conjunction with the non-living components of their environment, interacting as a system. 

  • The interaction
  • Co-existence
  • Interdependency

I learnt that all of them are done between the stakeholders.

We then took an example of the classroom which is the present situation as an ecosystem and how it is affecting social,economic and environmentally.


  • hierarchy
  • respect
  • interaction
  • sharing information
  • norms
  • diversity of stakeholders
  • relation


  • exchange of values
  • balance in exchange resources


  • Tangible
  • Electricity
  • Not much noisy etc.

I realised that the internal and external factors play a major role.

REFLECTION-The exercise of making us study our routine and rectifying places where we could switch to a more sustainable way of being made me realise that I was unknowingly doing a lot of things that were not sustainable and I could easily switch to alternate uses. For example, I felt that I could use a bucket instead of using the shower to bathe everyday; avoid using the air conditioner too much; opt for no cutleries while order food online; etc.

Our first assignment was a group assignment so each group was given topics on UN sustainable development goals. We had to study how each individual, family and immediate surrounding contribute. Liam, Nandini, Antra, Kashish, Aishwarya and I are a group and our topic is Good health and well being. We were expected to list the factors and possible areas where they contribute the maximum and the least.

We learnt that good health and well being could be divided into three types- Mental,Physical and Social. So we divided and 2 people we supposed to research on one type. I had to research on the mental aspect-

UN’s contribution to good health and well being

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