Due to lockdown, our module had to be modified accordingly. We could not have taken the same target audience so our faculty said we will have to conduct the module with our family members now.

Given specifications

  • Modifying the age group
  • Developing a module- delivering it- gathering the information and outcome- processing it
  • Recording 3 sessions under the module along with the feedback, learning and the final presentation of all three
  • Documentation of the group meetings to discuss the procedure of the sessions- date, time duration, members present, agenda

Nonetheless, our group shared that we had planned to keep a game like hop-scotch as our module for the children and that gave us an idea that we could continue with an indoor game being a module for our family members too. Our faculty said we could go ahead with that after listing down the objectives of the module.

During the class, our group discussed the various places where our families waste water throughout the day. Such as, over watering the plants, the way of washing utensils, bathing for long hours using a shower, etc.

We divided the objectives for each session-

  1. Making them conscious about the amount of water being wasted by each one of them
  2. Helping them become more responsible water consumers
  3. Recording their progress from the first session and analysing their efforts towards water conservation

Refection: I was looking forward to conducting sessions with the initial age group since I thought it would actually be interesting to teach and learn with them. We had specifically thought of creating game because of that age group but then we realised that all the old hidden board games in the cabinets are suddenly coming out in all the families during lockdown and playing a new game designed for a global cause could work well.

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