In this class, we had to present our Mind map B which had the breakdown of the category-

Category- Fashion accessory
Element- ways of wearing

Feedback– My faculty made me realise that the element I had chosen falls under Fashion Communication and Styling and not Fashion design and that is why I should look at the draping techniques instead. Also, since my mind map was not neat and presentable, I made it again-

Final element- Draping

Further, we were asked to collect secondary research, understand why that element was made. For eg, why was a clip made on top of a pen’s cap. We were asked to study the evolution of the design and then make iterations on the element we had chosen as our assignment.

Reflection: I realised the difference between the aspects that fall under FCS and FD in this class. I also understood that secondary research is very important while designing anything because as we learnt in the last classes, without reasoning, design thinking cannot take place.

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