For the first three weeks we dealt with rapid gesture sketches, drawings and compositions.In our fourth week, we learnt a new form of drawing called linear drawing.

What is linear drawing?

Drawing that includes accurate and efficient gestures and lines. It definitely does not refer to ‘perfect’ lines because our hand and eye co-ordination issues, vision issues etc make it humanly impossible for us to draw perfect lines.

Therefore, the concept of perfect lines does not actually exist. While, efficiency and accuracy are quantifiable and achievable aspects of drawing.

In this class, we were mainly taught how to observe and catch the ‘form’ of an object. Our task was to draw our palm, using only lines and a pen, first without the outline and then with the outline. I had been sketching with pencils all along and a sudden shift to pen was definitely very challenging.

What I observed was that, it was easier to draw the palm with the outline but sir probably asked us to start without the outline in order to help us get out of our comfort zone and gain that confidence of drawing with a pen.

After the palm, we moved on to sketching different objects and then compositions using the same technique. Sir told me how I could shade my object to enhance it’s look so I re-did my wallet, keeping his suggestion in mind and realised that it actually looked much better.

With each drawing my interest in this particular type of drawing just kept increasing, I also understood that if the base of learning something new is done correctly, one automatically gains interest in that subject.

Sir also asked us to look up a freelance artist called @samlarson and take reference from his work. He is a true inspiration.

These are the drawings that I did in class-


I did these drawings as my home assignment-

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