IMAGING 1/ 03.04.20/ WEEK 13

We had almost reached the end of our project so we were given the final sequence of all the pages that needed to be included in the book. We were also given the grading criteria in this class.

Page number, margin and guides included in the master page

Most importantly, we had to make a prototype of the entire book and also a few mockups.


Blank spread
Timeline foldout and introduction
Same layout for the 7 civilisations, one spread each
Blank spread
Back cover


Reflection: Making the prototype and mockups were very helpful. While making the prototype I realised that I only had 26 pages and that would not complete my book so I added one more civilisation, which made it 28 pages in total. When I made the mockups, I realised that I had to decrease the text font size so I made the rectifications for the final coffee table book. I understood how important process work is to achieve final work.

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