My zine is called the blue day zine, a zine that attempts to make every smile count and brighten up sad faces. It includes positive and cute facts on animals.

INSPIRATION- I went to a boarding school in 7th grade and I would often feel homesick initially. One day, I walked into my principal’s office. She looked up and handed me the blue day book, saying, “Feeling low? Let’s change that”. Surprisingly, a few animals facts did actually light up my mood.

So, here is my small attempt on spreading happiness through this zine!

In the first week we were asked to make thumbnails of the zine-


After getting my thumbnails approved from our faculty, I went on to designing my characters separately. Since I had 8 different characters, I had to draw all of them in different angles-

After exploring the different angles,Sir told me to choose one of the angles and use it in my main zine. I made a rough layout of the entire zine and painted a few characters to see what it would look like-

I finally decided to make a A6 size zine, including all the characters along with the facts and having a blue background in all frames in order to keep one of it’s aspects similar.

This assignment was not only interesting and productive but also something new and intriguing. We started three weeks back just by understanding what a zine means and now I have my first zine ready. There were small little things that I never paid attention to before, that I learnt through my process work.For example, my faculty suggested me to use pencil colours instead of paint to add detail. Most importantly, I created a based on a theme that inspired me, therefore, it was a great experience creating and learning something new.

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