This was our review day where we had to project our final presentations-

Link to the final presentation


Starting from the initial target audience, we explained our project brief, then secondary and primary research, moving on to the changed target audience and our area of focus. Further, we explained the module concept and all three sessions under it, in detail. In the end, we addressed our personal learnings and the feedback we received from the participants.

We uploaded all the documents on the drive- Final presentation, documentation of meeting and recordings of each session separately.

Feedback: Our faculty appreciated our progress and journey of conducting the module as a group, how we included negative statements in the first two sessions to make our participants realise the areas where they were wasting water carelessly and finally turning them to positive statements to make them feel happy about saving water. She added that it was good how we included the same set of statements for each session as that reminded them to introspect and rectify certain habits from their end.

Reflection: Overall it was an interesting and interactive project. Our family members were delighted to be a part of this module as responsible and aware citizens. It was challenging to get together and discuss the sessions because of the lockdown but we were able to fulfil the objectives of our module and we also learnt and grew along with our family member.

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