I missed the class where we started reading metamorphosis and had discussions on it so I was a little lost during this class but I have read the first two chapters. I am on the same page as the rest of the class now.

These are few keynotes that we discussed about Gregor’s character in the second chapter. It helped me when I read through the chapter after the class.

As the class assignment, for a project called ‘ who am I? ‘,we had to write 20 things that we are at all times:

  • humble
  • grateful
  • kind
  • procrastinator
  • adventurous
  • affectionate
  • modest
  • consistent
  • diplomatic
  • hopeful
  • restless
  • curious
  • strong
  • hardworking
  • dreamy
  • trust worthy
  • open minded
  • bold
  • reserved
  • foodie

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