Our faculty started the class by explaining the importance of quality over quantity and improvement/ progress over grades because everybody seemed to be a little disheartened after the 5th week grading. It all made so much sense to me.

We were asked to get flowers and leaves for this class. 

Every drawing class we are explained the importance and few key factors behind the assignment before actually getting our hands on it. 

So, our faculty first explained to us the difference between the two main types of materials i.e organic and inorganic. We were told to be very careful with the flowers and leaves as they are organic materials, they have aphids(tiny insects that consume plant’s organic matter) and any contact between dirty hands and our skin or eyes could be infectious. This taught me the importance of clean hands even while working and being aware of our environment.

I also understood the difference between hatching and stumbling in this class.

Further, we were told the different types of leaves- wax, mid-wax, non-wax.

On asking how the leaf becomes brown, we were told that it occurs due to oxidation( due to the toxic iron present in the leaf).

We were briefed about the flatness of organic and inorganic material, how it is never flat because only an object at 0 degrees can be flat.I was shocked to know that even glass is semifluid and not flat.

Our task for this class was to make 1 rendered drawing of a leaf-


We had to make rendered sketches of flora and fauna as our assignment:


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